Providing high quality goods and services to our global clients
in support of their business operations.

About Us

Precise General Trading is one of the leading distributors of consumer goods, medical devices, personal protective equipment, raw materials, and other goods. We partner with both local companies and multi-national corporations to deliver high-quality products manufactured according to the latest standards of the industry.

At our general trading company, we offer complex solutions that satisfy the needs of both our clients and consumers from all around the world. From wholesale trading, medical, 3D printing, crystal ware and logistics services, Precise General Trading will take care of all details to help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient manner.

Our Aim

We aim to procure and distribute high-tech healthcare, petrochemical, food, e-commerce, 3D and other solutions in order to support the developing global trade. We carefully select products and curate manufacturing processes to ensure our equipment and devices comply with international ISO quality standards.

Our Mission

  • Continuously search for new methods and technologies on the global market.
  • Choose reliable partners and manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of our products.
  • Support businesses, individuals, governments and medical institutions with necessary equipment and devices.
  • Provide devices and equipment that comply with the latest quality standards.
  • Bring industry innovation and make them available for businesses worldwide.

Working with Us

Precise General Trading is a major distributor of consumer goods, medical devices, foods, industrial equipment and petrochemical products in the UAE, GCC, Europe, Asia and Africa. Apart from product distribution, we offer high-end wholesale trading and logistics services to individuals and businesses worldwide.

Precise General Trading will be happy to assist you. Your satisfaction from our products and services is our ultimate priority, which makes us a number-one choice for thousands of companies and consumers from all around the globe.

All products and services offered by Precise General Trading have gone through multiple quality checks to ensure they meet the current regulatory frameworks both on the national and international levels.

Our medical devices and personal protective equipment have CE and FDA certifications, which means they comply with the quality standards both in EEA (European Economic Area) and the USA.